Arco De Emperador | Lighting Design by PL Light


The 19-meter tall ‘Arco de Emperador’, a masterpiece of Spanish sculptor Gines Serran Pagan that highlights the Filipinos’ potential for greatness and success, is reminiscent of Madrid’s Arco de la Victoria and Paris’ Arc de Triomphe.


Artistry and greatness take the spotlight through Pagan’s nine massive sculptures standing proudly side-by-side atop the arch. This imposing masterpiece is composed of a victorious Emperor, three horses pulling his chariot, two lions named Pride and Passion, and two trumpeting angels coated in 24K gold.


The arch monument will be also be highlighted by cascading waterfalls leading to the water feature at the basement area where the future museum will be built. It will also be surrounded by a landscaped plaza with benches.


At night, the monument will be illuminated in colors, making it a vibrant centerpiece of Arcovia City as seen along C-5 Road.


“We have created this as a tourism landmark for Metro Manila that brings out the message of how hardwork, passion and perseverance can create a self-made successful man. This is how an Emperor is made,” reveals Kevin L. Tan, EVP and chief strategy officer, Megaworld.


The inspiration for the Arco de Emperador stems from the idea of ‘self-made success’ that characterizes the ‘Emperor.’ Unlike kings who inherit the throne, an emperor only gains power and becomes the leader of an empire the moment he wins a war.


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