China Bank unveils restored façade of original Binondo Headquarters | Lighting Design by PL Light


China Banking Corporation’s (China Bank) building in Binondo, Manila is looking more like its original magnificent architecture and an “Instagramable” spot for anyone visiting the world’s oldest Chinatown. The 98-year old building was designed by German Architect Arthur Julius Niclaus Gabler Gumbert in the Neoclassical fashion, utilizing a variation of the Beaux-Arts style.


The uniform illumination of the China Bank facade serves to emphasize sculptural elements without altering the architecture and gives them a calm presence in the urban space. On the other hand, light accents structure large surfaces and highlight architectural details such as columns and cornices. Grazing light wall washing was utilized to highlight the fine textures of natural stone to create striking reliefs. To avoid light pollution, good glare control and precise photometrics are important factors when selecting luminaires.


The China Bank restoration project is considered to be one of the most faithful restoration that has been done on any building in the country.


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