PL Light in Existence Corporation: Celebrating 18 Years of Providing the Perfect Lighting Solution


PL Light in Existence Corporation: Celebrating 18 years of providing the perfect lighting solution

PL Light in Existence is an Illumination Design and Consultancy firm in the Philippines formed in 2004. Our Lighting Design is not limited to aesthetics but also to its control.

This 2022, we celebrate the 18th year anniversary of our company and the many milestones we have achieved throughout the years. As we look back at our journey since 2004, when innovation and passion created the foundation of the company, we are proud to have created a platform for innovation and passion. This is what has inspired us to go beyond on every project.

We commit to continue delivering cutting-edge lighting design solutions and state-of-the-art control systems.. We are eager to keep working with the nation’s finest developers and architects.


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